FDI Energy Inc.             

FDI is Shaping the Future of Energy


Product line is based on patented technology

  (US 7,531,262 B1 – May 12, 2009)

Main Technology and Products of the Firm (PEM & SOFC)

-     Stacks: Modular, Scalable (Flexible Power Output)

-     Systems: <1 KW TO >1 MW (Flexible System Configuration)

     Applications of the Products

      Propulsion - Including Hybrid Operations

-     Power & Heat Generation (CHP)

-     UPS, Backup, Auxiliary & Portable Power

-    Competitive Advantage

–     Products Engineered for Low Cost/High Volume Manufacture

  (Competitive in Price and Performance with Traditional Power           

          Generation Technologies)

–     Drastic Reduction in Cell/Stack/System Components

–     High Power Density

–     Compact, Modular, Scalable Power Output Construction

–     High Fuel Flexibility (Enable Transition to Renewable Fuels)

–     Complete Systems Integration & Product Packaging Approach